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Videos recorded by Co-operatives UK or its supporters.

Who Made Your Pants?

Who Made Your Pants? is a co-operative specifically formed to empower marginalised women by providing flexible employment, education and a social and community space. This co-operative is owned and democratically managed by its worker-owners.

Co-operatives West Midlands - supporting a thriving sector

This new video from Co-operatives West Midlands demonstrates the co-operative advantage and shows how co-operatives are thriving in the West Midlands.


Co-operatives Fortnight Films 2013

In 2013, Co-operatives Fortnight highlighted how people have the power to make a difference through the choices they make.  By choosing co-operative you are choosing to make a difference.

Putting Community and Sustainability into retail practice - a conversation with the experts

Presentations and discussion from Paul Monaghan, Head of Social Goals & Sustainability at the Co-operative Group and Amanda Long, Executive Officer - Marketing, Membership and Media, East of England Co-operative Society.

Celebrating 2012

2012 has been United Nations International Year of Co-operatives. From Chelmsford to China, Ilford to India, co-operatives and their members and supporters around the world have come together to show how co-operatives build a better world.

And what a momentous year it has been. Across the globe co-operatives have celebrated what makes their business different. We’ve seen everything from flash mobs to formal conferences.

Opportunities for Co-operative Retail in 2012

Retail consumer co-operative members of Co-operatives UK gathered in Stratford for the National Retail Consumer Conference 2012.

If you weren't there, find out what you missed.

Co-operatives United closes

To celebrate the 2012 International Year of Co-operatives, over 10,000 co-operators from around the world came to Co-operatives United in Manchester. Watch the summary video here.

What are the barriers to growing co-operatives?

Visitors to Co-operatives United joined in a discussion workshop to identify some of the barriers facing co-operatives that are looking to grow. The workshop opened with FC United giving an insight into the major barrier they face in growing their club - namely that they don't currently own their own ground. However, they hope to address this issue very soon, after having gone to their members with a Community Share Issue that has raised £1.6m.

Celebrating football and co-operatives

On the day that FC United won a Co-operative Award for their innovative use of social media, their General Manager Andy Walsh was taking the opportunity of a captive audience to talk about his club. He was speaking at an event organised by Supporters Direct and the Co-operative Group to celebrate the role of co-operation in football, talking with passion and pride about the way that fans are doing something about the things they see wrong with the beautiful game.


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