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Slides and presentations from Co-operatives UK or guest speakers at our events.

The UK Bribery Act - slides

Louise Thompson of KPMG LLP talked about the new Bribery Act and how co-operatives need to ensure they comply. These are the slides she talked to.

Recruiting Co-operative People - slides

Deborah Cooper of Warren Partners talked about Recruiting Co-operative People at the Co-operatives UK Autumn Forum. These are the slides she talked to.

Multistakeholder Co-operatives - slides

Alex Lawrie talked about Widening participation without diluting democracy with Multi-stakeholder Co-operatives at the Autumn Forum. These are the slides he talked to.

Changes in IPS law 2002 to 2011 - Slides

Cliff Mills of Cobbetts LLP talks us through changes to the IPS legislation. These are the slides he talked to.

Institute of Co-operative Development - slides

Alex Bird and Jim Pettipher make a case for an Institute of Co-operative Development. These are the slides they talked to.

Community Shares policy seminar speaker presentations

Nearly 120 practitioners attended the Community Shares policy seminar on Thursday 7 July at the Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre in London. These are the presentations from the speakers.

Community Shares event - presentation by Jim Brown

A presentation from the final Community Shares event, where Jim Brown, Baker Brown Associates and the lead consultant for the Community Shares programme, presented the learning from the two year action research programme.

The story behind your shopping

Watch or download the presentation from whomadeyourpants? and the Fair Traders Co-operative at the Co-operative Congress 2011.

Saving the Village Local: Our Story

Watch or download the Hudwell Community Pub's slideshow from the Co-operative Congress 2011.

Shared Interest: A co-operative approach to a fairer world

Watch or download the Shared Interest presentation from the Co-operative Congress 2011.


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