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Projects being run by Co-operatives UK for the benefit of our members and the wider co-operative sector.

Will public sector workers fit in the co-operative movement?

Another Guest blog, this time by ChangeAGEnts which exists to create a space for active citizenship and to be a platform for older people.  Cheryl of

Mutuals Information Service

The Cabinet Office wants to encourage the creation of innovative alternatives for public service delivery by making it easier and more attractive to set up public service mutuals.

Greener Together - the energy we put in to saving C02 emissions

‘The nights are drawing in; winter is almost upon us. Wrap up warm this month and save energy with Greener Together’

Renewable energy - latest Government targets and publications

Just catching up on latest news in the press and from the Government regarding policies and targets for national energy use and renewable energy

Renewable energy

Working with your community to become greener together

I have just come out of a really inspiring breakout session as part of the community shops network hosted by the Plunkett Foundation at co-operatives 2010 I have just come out of a really inspiring br

The Government is putting mutualism at the forefront of our vision for Britain's

This is the moment for mutualism. In the wake of the global financial crisis and
the parliamentary expenses scandal, it is clear that people are no longer


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