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Event resources

Resources related to events held by Co-operatives UK or supporter organisations.

NRCC 2014 Programme

For a detailed look at the programme, please download the PDF document on the right-hand side of this page.

Building a co-operative news service - Port Talbot Magnet

A presentation from the Port Talbot Magnet presentation at the Make Your Local News Work event held at Cardiff in 2013.

Putting Community and Sustainability into retail practice - a conversation with the experts

Presentations and discussion from Paul Monaghan, Head of Social Goals & Sustainability at the Co-operative Group and Amanda Long, Executive Officer - Marketing, Membership and Media, East of England Co-operative Society.

Beyond 2012 – Retailing in a Co-operative Decade

Dame Pauline told delegates at the National Retail Consumer Conference 2013 about the Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade - the global strategy to develop the impact of co-operative business in the global economy - and the role of consumer retailing as a key driver in making that happen.

The Evolvement of The Co-operative Brand

Kristian Mills - Co-operative Group Marketing Team - tells the National Retail Consumer Conference 2013 about the development and future plans of the Co-operative brand including the ‘Here for you for life’ creative.

A View of the Current Retailing Environment

Graham Soult, Retail Consultant with, gives the National Retail Consumer Conference 2013 his views on where retailing is heading over the next few years.

Measuring our impact on the local economy

Ursula Lidbetter - the Chief Executive Officer of the Lincolnshire Co-operative - tells the National Retail Consumer Conference 2013 about the society's recent trial of the Local Multiplier 3. This tool enables organisations to measure the impact they have on a local economy by tracking where the money they receive is spent and re-spent.

Lincolnshire Co-operative's findings are detailed in the Sticky Money report from Co-operatives UK.

CRTG, where next? Europe or maybe the World!

Ben Reid OBE - Chief Executive of the Midcounties Co-operative and Chair of the Co-operative Retail Trading Group (CRTG) - tells the National Retail Consumer Conference 2013 about the future for the CRTG. In particular, he looks at the role of the CRTG in the face of calls at last year's NRCC for a Europe -wide co-operative buying group.

Sticky money

Sticky money - evaluating the local impact of the co-operative pound provides guidance for co-operatives on using the LM3 tool to evaluate their local economic impact using the Lincolnshire Co-operative Society as a case study to illustrate the process.

Over summer 2012, Lincolnshire Co-operative used the Local Multiplier 3 (LM3) methodology to measure the local economic impact of its operations on Lincolnshire. This process was sponsored by Co-operatives UK and externally assessed by K2A.


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