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Elections 2014

Co-operatives UK is a co-operative and abides by the internationally recognised co operative values and principles.  

As a membership body the composition of its Board of Directors reflects the nature of the membership, therefore the Board has a number of places reserved for different categories of members. 

Depending on the category Directors are either appointed or elected to the Board and the Board has the right to co-opt up to 2 additional directors in order to bring in additional expertise.

Elections 2013 - Candidate Biographies

Co-operatives UK elections voting closes on 21 June 2013, 4pm.

Your Society.... Co-operatives UK Elections 2013

Co-operatives UK is due to hold elections for some categories of its Board in the next few months.

To help ease our new members into the forthcoming elections process, and for those of you that can't remember, here's an introduction on our governance and an overview of dates to look out for.


Software in the Public Interest August 2011 - and election results

The SPI election results have been declared. Jimmy Kaplowitz, Clint Adams and Robert Brockway were elected to the SPI board.

New appointments bring new opportunities

We are delighted to announce that new members have joined the Co-operative Business Development Panel. There are three new people in addition, to the two new members to represent the devolved nations of Scotland and Wales. We look forward to a period of change, new ideas and different contributions to the work of the panel. 

Worker Co-operative Council Elections 2011

Voting is now open for the Worker Co-operative Council Elections!

I encourage co-operators to stand for election at such a critical time

Just before the close of nominations for Co-operatives UK’s Co-operative Business Development Panel we talk to its current chair, Gareth Nash, in order to get to understand the forum’s relevance to the future of the co-operative movement in the UK.

CBDP: What our members say about the Panel

The Co-operative Business Development Panel gives CUK member organisations a new opportunity to actively engage themselves in its current projects: a chance to choose a person from their organisati

CBDP: 10 years and some reasons to keep on working


My name is Isabel. I am Spanish, I am a journalist, and I have recently moved to Manchester to learn as much as possible about the co-operative movement in the UK. I will be here, in Co-operatives UK, on a work placement for the next 4 months trying to do my bit.

Do you have the vision to develop the potential of co-operatives?

Co-operatives UK is seeking enthusiastic, committed and experienced individuals to join the Co-operative Business Development Panel (CBDP).  

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