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Advice and guides

Documents giving advice and guidance on issues relating to co-operation.

The short guide to community-owned media

This document provides a brief over-view of the major questions you might have about community-owned media organisations, from what they are and how they work to where you can go to get more information about them.

Worker co-operative code international translations

The Worker Co-operative Code is a guide to running a co-opertive and has been translated into many different languages..

The Worker Co-operative Code of Governance (Croatian)

This is a translation of the worker co-operative code of governance into Croatian.

If you would like to translate The Code into any other language please contact us.

Sticky money

Sticky money - evaluating the local impact of the co-operative pound provides guidance for co-operatives on using the LM3 tool to evaluate their local economic impact using the Lincolnshire Co-operative Society as a case study to illustrate the process.

Over summer 2012, Lincolnshire Co-operative used the Local Multiplier 3 (LM3) methodology to measure the local economic impact of its operations on Lincolnshire. This process was sponsored by Co-operatives UK and externally assessed by K2A.

Manifesto for a community energy revolution

Read the new manifesto from Co-operatives UK and the Co-operative Group calling for the creation of a Community Energy Pathway.

Approved Model Rules List

Co-operatives registered in the following ways are eligible to apply for free membership of Co-operatives UK (from the date of incorporation):

Governance Audit

A supporting tool for Simply Governance which allows enterprises to assess and diagnose how their organisation is being run.

Anti-money laundering information

The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and the Money Laundering Regulations 2007 requires anyone involved in what is deemed to be ‘relevant business’ to introduce an anti-money laundering procedure.

Third Sector Fee list

This fee list details the fees charged by the Co-operatives UK Legal Team for non-co-operative third sector start ups.

Principle Six events

Principle Six events were first developed by Sion Whellens of Calverts and Principle Six LLP. It is a methodology and meeting format for face-to-face, high energy, results-oriented business referral networking.


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