Influencing policy

Campaigning for co-operative policy

Government has a crucial role to play in maintaining an enabling framework for co-operatives, and in ensuring people have the necessary information, incentives, and space to act together.

We are constantly campaigning for government policy that helps grow the co-operative economy. Our priorities are areas of common interest such as legal framework, regulation, and finance. We promote the reputation of our model among policy makers and opinion formers, and work hard to develop co-operative solutions in exciting new areas, such as community energy and social care.

For our analysis of potential opportunities for co-ops under the Conservative government, based on their manifesto commitments, read more here.

Getting members involved

Speaking with a strong collective voice is key to the success of any lobbying or policy campaign. When we act together, we legitimate our message and make more of an impact.

Where possible we’ll give our members an opportunity to get involved in consultation responses. And we’ll regularly consult them ourselves on our own policy positions, and in setting future policy priorities.

Our Policy Officer is James Wright: 

Email: [email protected]

Call: 0161 214 1775

Tweet: @James_CoopsUK