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Ecological Land Cooperative Limited

The Hub, 5 Torrens Street, London, EC1V 1NQ
Type: Multi-stakeholder Co-operative
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Land is about more than just the production of food, fibre and fuel, or a site for construction; the way in which we use our land has profound impacts on us and on ecosystems, locally, nationally and globally. And although seldom acknowledged, the way in which we use our land also shapes our minds and hearts.As we become forced to address the consequences of our individual consumer wealth - a less stable, more toxic and more violent world - we will have to re-examine our relationship with the land. For all that our current lifestyles have degraded the land, we were born to inhabit it. There is a body of knowledge, old and new, that tells how to live lightly and abundantly on the earth. This knowledge will only spread as more people have direct experience of living and working in the woods and fields.But our property market and agricultural supply chains push out and exclude smaller producers. Our rural areas have experienced a kind of social cleansing as second-home ownership increases

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