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James Walton

Chief Economist


James’ role at IGD is to help businesses anticipate and cope with strategic events, including: economic pressures, geo-political change, social development and environmental stress.

With businesses of all kinds – and their customers – facing the consequences of unprecedented global change, the need for such research and forecasting has never been greater. Events are moving fast and any plan or assumption that is more than a few weeks old may now be obsolete.

James is well known for speaking at both UK and international events and provides interviews for TV, radio and the press. He also creates original reports and articles for IGD.

James has worked with clients across the entire grocery industry as well as with non-industry groups such as government departments, financial businesses and NGOs.

James joined IGD in April 1999 and has served in several roles, becoming Chief Economist in 2004.

Prior to joining IGD, he worked for Hillsdown Holdings, Northern Foods and Rank-Xerox. James has a BA (Joint Hons) in Law & Politics from the University of Nottingham and also holds the Law Society’s Legal Practice Certificate.