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National Retail Consumer Conference 2014

Retail Excellence: Winning customers the co-operative way.

The only event of its kind in the UK, this annual conference is a unique networking, learning and development opportunity for those exclusively involved in co-operative retailing. Organised by Co-operatives UK, the event brings together all those with a passion for the development and sustained health of the co-operative retail sector.

The sector continues to face a wide spectrum of challenges, from changing consumer behaviour and the growth of discounters, to food provenance and supply chain, to the social and economic implications of food and health politics. Whilst these challenges are faced by the entire retail sector, there is a real opportunity for us, as co-operative retailers, to assert the co-operative difference, using it as an asset to shape our responses and solutions.

There has never been a more important time to promote our difference. By doing so we can truly set ourselves aside in the market – winning customers and ensuring their continued loyalty.