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From conflict to co-operation

From Conflict to Co-operation is a series of five cartoon booklets from Co-operatives UK which aims to help enterprises not only deal with conflict when it arises but also avoid unnecessary conflict.

As Gillian Bober, President of the East of England Co-operative Society, states in the Foreword:

"In order to achieve their goals and be sustainable, community enterprises need to know how to work as a team - communicating effectively, making good decisions, dealing with the inevitable conflicts and coping with growth and change. From Conflict to Co-operation – a series of handy illustrated guides – is invaluable. It includes useful hints and tips as well as signposting to further resources."

The author Kate Whittle has been working with co-operatives both in the UK and overseas for over 20 years. She has worked as a researcher, trainer, mentor and development worker for a wide range of co-operatives and social enterprises. Angela Martin, the illustrator is a well known cartoonist with vast experience of illustrating community guides and handbooks.


Kate Whittle would like to thank Chris Cornforth of the Open University Business School and Bob Cannell of Suma Wholefoods for their contributions. All the co-operatives and community enterprises Kate has worked with, both in the UK and in the Dominican Republic, for their inspiration and example, but perhaps especially 8th Day Co-op and Unicorn Grocery, both based in Manchester, UK. Finally Kate would like to thank Co-operatives UK for creating the space and resource for these innovative booklets to be produced.

These booklets are no longer available in a printed form, please see the links on the right of the page for downloads.