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The co-operative economy 2011

The UK co-operative economy 2011 offers a unique assessment of a growing sector – which, because it is mutually-owned rather than stock market listed, traditionally tends to be neglected by market analysts and the financial press. Drawing on published accounts for co-operatives, the conclusion is clear: the UK is beginning to co-operate once again.

It has been a year of resilience and growth for the co-operative sector in 2011. In an environment of cuts and diminishing budgets, the economy has shown steady progress against a more turbulent wider economy. Of even greater significance is the renewed interest from and engagement with the co-operative sector from all areas of the UK. From those responsible for establishing national policy, to villagers wishing to take control of their own shops and services, the co-operative sector is being turned to.

Having a clear mission, better services and products, giving consumers power, providing a nice place to work and having engaged staff is not only business excellence, they are all co-operative advantages.

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