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Congress 2015

Where next for the co-operative movement?

Last year we introduced a new-look Congress. Unlike your standard conference, Co-operative Congress is participative, buzzing with debate and results in an action plan for the co-operative movement to develop over the next year. It’s co-operative democracy in action.

Whether you’re a CEO or director, a member or an employee, whether you’re part of large retail co-operative or a co-op pub, this is your chance to discuss and decide the future of your co-operative movement. So join us on 26 and 27 June in Birmingham to help move the sector forward. 


Shape the debate

Co-operation Now! isn’t a typical conference. It’s not about being talked at. It is a participative event. Ideas will be pitched on this website and debated in advance. The best ideas will go forward to Congress where participants will discuss them, vote and an action plan for the coming year will be produced.

The Finance Debate: How can co-ops access more capital without members losing control? Maybe the big issue for co-operatives, participants at Co-operation Now! will be debating proposals for ensuring that co-operatives can access the money they need to start-up and grow. Do we need a new loan fund? Do we need more imaginative models? Do we need legislative reform? What do you think we need?

Join the finance debate. Pitch your ideas and comment on others.




The Sustainability Debate: What can co-operatives do to ensure they remain world leaders in addressing social and environmental challenges? What can co-operatives do themselves? Are there effective models that others can adopt? Or innovative ideas that co-ops can pioneer? And how can co-operatives work together to address major challenges that are bigger than one co-op can address?

Join the sustainability debate. Pitch your ideas and comment on others.