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Who Made Your Pants?

Becky John of whomadeyourpants

Who Made Your Pants? is a co-operative specifically formed to empower marginalised women by providing flexible employment, education and a social and community space. This co-operative is owned and democratically managed by its worker-owners.

Launched in December 2009, Who Made Your Pants? is now based at Fairways House in Southampton. The co-operative makes gorgeous ethical pants from materials sold on by industry at the end of season; they’re the sorts of pants you’d expect to see on the high street but with a great back story. All the profit made goes back into the business to provide more jobs and ongoing learning, advice and support.

Who Made Your Pants? aims to get people asking questions such as where did my pants come from, where were they made and do the people making my pants get treated fairly?

Who Made Your Pants? aims to support women who want to work but haven’t had the opportunity. Workers are found increasingly through word of mouth - we have had to ask workers to stop bringing their friends as we are currently full.

The Co-operative is run by Founder Becky John, as well as 5 women working for the co-operative.

Once workers have gone through their probation period, and as long as they meet the membership criteria, they can become full members of the co-op.