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Social Economy Alliance

In 2014, the Social Economy Alliance is asking co-operatives to feed in to their manifesto that sets out social and economic policy recommendations for the next Government. 

New Year, New Blog Post - Pensions

Does your co-operative employ people?  Does your co-operative have a pension scheme?  Have you heard about auto-enrolment?

This month's blog post from Co-operatives UK's advice team may fill in some of the gaps?

Top 5 co-operative business books for 2014

Just as our wider world is seen, more than ever, through the lens of competition, the world of business and markets is in fact more aware than ever of the benefits of co-operation. Here are my top five books on co-operation and social enterprise for 2014:

out now

1. Redemption: the cooperation revolution, by Berny Dohrmann – why co-operative models of organisation and business innovation are taking off across the business world

Five co-operative trends for 2014

In the spirit of possibility, as much as prediction, here are five hopeful trends I see for 2014:

1. The emergence of ‘open co-operative’ models that blend the ideas of free (or libre) software, open knowledge and democratic social enterprise, for example in work for a new vision for the economy coming out of Ecuador.

Policy position on the Social Investment Tax Relief announcement

Following an announcement in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, Government has released details if the new Social Investment Tax Relief, due to come into force in April 2014. The measures will incentivise private investment in the social economy, by providing tax relief on investors’ returns.

More UK share offers in co-operatives than in the stock market

It is great news this week that the Treasury will openly encourage increased investment in the country’s co-operative sector. The first new consolidated act for co-operatives since 1965 has been introduced into parliament, along with a fivefold rise in the limit for any one investment into a co-operative business (from £20,000 of withdrawable share capital to £100,000).

Clevedon Community Bookshop celebrates

Clevedon Community Bookshop Cooperative Ltd will be celebrating 2 years trading this New Year's Eve from 12noon to 4pm.

They have continued to be successful, selling books in the bookshop, online, cataloguing of a large store of books, repairing books, running courses and evening talks.

Local entrepreneurs have used the shop as a backdrop for their advertising and filming, and the bookshop starred in a short video for the Haynes Zombie  Survival Manual!

Schools and local churches have used the bookshop for their treasure hunts and Christmas advent trails.

The Big Co-op Advice Quiz of the Year

Are you a co-op buff?  Take our Big Co-op Advice Quiz of the Year and find out!

Co-operative & Community Finance shortlisted for national award

Co-operative & Community Finance, the Bristol-based lender for ethical enterprises, has reached the short list for a new national awards scheme that recognises and rewards excellence in community finance.

The Citi Microentrepreneurship Awards, in partnership with the Community Development Finance Association (CDFA), recognise excellence in community development finance institutions (CDFIs) that provide finance which changes lives and transforms neighbourhoods.  T

How are you doing today? A new guide to measuring performance in mutuals

How are you doing today?

If you are a business, then what I am asking about is your performance.

For investor-owned firms, this is typically going to be measured by return on capital over time. For co-operative and mutual businesses, it concerns, on our definition of performance, ‘the delivery of value to members over time and at least cost.’


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