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Women in Co-operatives - Linda Ward

Linda Ward, Chair of The Phone Co-op, Director of Co-operatives UK and Cymru/Wales Regional Board member highlights the success of the Phone Co-op in having 43% of its Board who are women along with 60% of its management and supervisory staff. Linda argues that the Phone Co-op is not an exception but an example of what the co-operative movement can do to promote gender equality. Read more here.

Enterprising future for youth services in Knowsley

An innovative way to deliver youth services is being developed after Knowsley Council and staff working for its youth service voted to establish a new social enterprise.

Knowsley Youth Mutual will deliver quality open access youth clubs, awards programmes and positive activities alongside specialist support and interventions for young people when it is fully operational by April 2014.

After a bone shaker of a week – 3 things to remember

OK, it has been the worst week for the co-operative sector for a long time – a real bone-shaker for those of us involved. Our movement is in the spotlight to an extent we’ve rarely experienced before but so far this light has not been kind, or illuminating of the true strengths and successes of co-operative and mutual enterprises.

Congratulations to Leeds Environmental Design Associates

Congratulations to Leeds Environmental Design Associates, a building design co-operative from Yorkshire who have been awarded "Consultant of the Year"  at the Constructing Excellence in Yorkshire and Humber Best Practice Awards. 

LEDA's submission for the award was based on their successful application of the workers co-operative structure to their work as well as their skills in designing affordable environmentally sustainable buildings.

Commenting on the award, LEDA architect Jonathan Lindh said:

What’s missing in the debate on the NHS? People.

The announcements this week on improving care and patient dignity in the NHS are welcome, but the one set of people that seem to me to be missing from the framework is the public.

There are over two million members of NHS Foundation Trusts. They ought to be a bedrock on which a participatory NHS can be built – after all medical professionals are expert on medical treatment, but patients are expert on what care and dignity feels like when receiving that treatment.

Over six thousand co-operatives and growing

For all the troubles that have hit the Co-operative Bank, as earlier with other banks, there are over six thousand co-operatives across the UK, owned in turn by 15.4 million people.

Co-operatives are businesses that are owned by the people that are involved in the everyday life of the business. One new co-operative starts every working day.

The survival rate for new co-operatives is also far higher than for business at large. One in three conventional businesses goes out of business within three years of starting. For co-operative enterprises, that is only one in twenty.

Co-operatives unite globally under a new marque at ICA in Cape Town

An inspiring ICA General Assembly in Cape Town saw the launch of a new global co-operative marque which members of Co-operatives UK will be able to use to show that they are proud to be a co-operative.

Is your co-operative a micro-entity?

This is November's blog on legal and governance issues from Linda Barlow, in Co-operatives UK’s Advice and Policy Team.

The blog is for people interested in starting, growing and advising co-operatives. They aim to share best practice on key issues, so we’d welcome comments and discussion on your relevant experiences. In order to help the thread of the discussion would ask that you keep your responses short and focused on the issues being explored.


Thank you for your feedback! Co-operative Advice-updated letters of engagement

Thank you to the co-operative development advisors that have provided feedback on our new letters of engagement.  We have taken this onboard and made some changes.

Winter-cold salty kisses – how six thousand co-ops help people to come together

I wrote in August about the inspiring story of Hastings Pier and how it could be renewed through community ownership, after the research we published by Jess Steele on piers and heritage assets.


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