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New life for local news

As ever more local newspapers close and titles merge, more and more communities are left without a local media outlet, feeding a sense that local media is undergoing a slow but inevitable death. But there are examples across the UK, Europe and the US and elsewhere that tell a different story.

Manchester Veg People want to get the food revolution moving

Manchester Veg People Crowd Funding project Saturday 08 June – Saturday 20 July 

A ground-breaking Manchester-based initiative to revolutionise the food supply chain enters a new phase on Saturday, 08 June, when Manchester based co-operative, Manchester Veg People will launch their ambitious crowdfunding campaign to ‘Get the Great Manchester food revolution moving’

100 years of walking

Last week HF Holidays marked its Centenary, celebrating 100 years of walking holidays.

A co-operative owned by its members, HF Holidays was founded by TA Leonard as the Holiday Fellowship to provide holidays for the working people of Lancashire. His aims were to promote walking, sociability, friendship and an appreciation of the environment – an ethos that remains today. Leonard was one of the unsung heroes of the outdoor movement, having been first President of the Ramblers Association and helping to create the Youth Hostels Association.

Company law refresher! - Top ten tips

This is May's blog on legal and governance issues from Linda Barlow, in Co-operatives UK’s Advice and Policy Team.

Raising the sails for when the wind comes

I was pleased to deliver the Annual Quaker Salter Lecture this weekend.

The theme I took were words from Fritz Schumacher. He said, a generation ago, that: “I certainly never feel discouraged. I can’t myself raise the winds that might blow us or this ship into a better world. But I can at least put up the sail so that when the winds comes, I can catch it.”

Meet our Festival Chef!

The Choose Co-operative Festival takes place at SWALEC Stadium, Cardiff, over the same weekend as Congress from 28-30 June.

One of the highlights of this public exhibition of co-operation is The Co-opertive Group Kitchen, offering cookery demonstrations, food tastings and highlighting co-operative a fair trade produce.

We're delighted to welcome our chef - Jill Weatherburn.

Co-operative identity – Have your say

Take action by 22nd May to help defend this potential threat

A care economy

It is in the nature of us as people to care… and at times not to care.

There is a care economy out there. Many of the most important and fulfilling parts of our lives – such as parenting, neighbourliness and favours – are about care, even if they are not conventionally classed as economic activity.

When people are motivated by a need which inspires care, whether unpaid or paid, such as a care worker or nursing, there can be a richness in the motivation, because it is needs driven and sustaining of people and society.

An audit tale

This is April’s blog on legal and governance issues from Linda Barlow, in Co‑operatives UK’s legal team and provides a refresher on audit requirements for IPSs.

Landmark planning victory for Ecological Land Co-operative

Co-operatives UK member, the Ecological Land Co-operative (ELC) has been granted planning permission to develop three affordable residential smallholdings for new entrants to ecological agriculture. The group were originally refused permission by Mid-Devon councillors for their proposed development at Greenham Reach, despite the council officers recommending that permission be granted.


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