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The Co-operatives UK Annual General Meeting

For information about this year's AGM - 26 June, Birmingham - click here


The Co-operatives UK Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the primary way in which our member organisations participate in the democracy of our co-operative. Members receive the annual report and financial statements and are provided with an update on the previous year’s achievements against our mission. In line with the International Co-operative Alliance Statement of Co-operative Identity, all co-operatives are owned and controlled by their members. At Co-operatives UK this means that every one of our members gets to vote at General Meetings. We follow the principles of many secondary co-operatives in that our democratic structure allows for vote allocation in accordance with contribution; we allocate members additional votes following an agreed formula relating to subscriptions.

Formal notice of the date and time of the next AGM is circulated to members at least 28 days before the meeting along with any paperwork detailing the agenda, resolutions being put to the vote and associated documentation. The 2015 AGM will be held on Friday 26 June in Birmingham, our AGM coincides with one of our main annual events: Co-operative Congress.

Member resolutions may be proposed for consideration at the AGM. Any fully paid up member may submit a resolution to be considered at the AGM by following the process detailed below:

  • The resolution must be set out in writing by letter or by email.
  • It may be accompanied by a written statement up to 500 words long.
  • It must be submitted by the Secretary of the member organisation or an authorised person on behalf of the member, with a statement confirming that it is on behalf of the organisation concerned.
  • The resolution must be delivered to the Secretary (at Co-operatives UK, Holyoake House, Hanover Street, Manchester, M60 0AS or by email to – six weeks prior to the published date of the AGM.
  • The resolution must be formally proposed and seconded at the AGM by the proposer and a seconder (In order to ensure a resolution is discussed at the AGM it is advisable to confirm a resolution seconder in advance).

The Board of Directors can decline to accept a member resolution if:

  • The Directors feel that the resolution (or explanatory statement) is defamatory, or that it might be unlawful to publish.
  • The Directors feel that the resolution deals with the same issues as another resolution which is to be considered at the same AGM, or that it deals with something which was dealt with in an AGM resolution in the previous year.
  • At least three-quarters of the Directors think that the resolution is not materially relevant to Co-operatives UK’s work.
  • If the resolution instructs Co-operatives UK to do something which the Rules provide is the responsibility of the Directors.
  • If the resolution relates to the business of or an issue relating to a member of Co‑operatives UK and not Co-operatives UK itself.
  • If the Directors accept the resolution it shall be included in the formal notice circulated to members 28 days prior to the meeting.

The Secretary shall seek to support the member to draft an appropriately worded resolution if required.